31 March 2022

Pill Connect releases adherence data to demonstrate efficacy of smart dosing technology

Pill Connect, the smart dosing technology provider, has today announced the availability of patient adherence data to support the launch of its Smart Dispenser technology.

Adherence levels in clinical trials have long been a key challenge for pharma partners, with 30-50% of drugs not taken as prescribed. Add to that the fact that the longer the trial, the poorer the level of compliance, and too often clinical trials are stalled or fail because of the lack of robust data.

This issue is particularly evident in oral solid dose studies. The Smart Dispenser technology mitigates these challenges by physically dispensing an accurate dose at the prescribed time, logging each dispense and any missed doses in real-time.

In a recent usability study conducted in partnership with major pharma, Smart Dispenser successfully demonstrated dispensing and monitoring at an individual pill-level in real-time without any data upload activity required by the participant. It also highlighted some user acceptance improvements that have been captured in the modified design.

“Being able to capture data at such a granular level could be a gamechanger for oral sold dose clinical trials” comments James Burnstone, CEO at Pill Connect. “The ability to monitor in real-time and intervene as necessary is significant departure from conventional trials which rely on site visits and non-digitised blister packs that inevitably deliver a high variability of results.”

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